First photo of Global buddy meet up
Photo taken during the first 'Global buddy' meet up at the University of Nottingham.

In 2016, during my term as Students’ Union President at the University of Nottingham, we initiated a buddy program called the ‘Global Buddy Scheme’ where we connected incoming international students with current student volunteers.

The program was an instant hit, becoming oversubscribed in just a few weeks!

The pilot programme was evaluated by the University’s Insight Team and the report identified some key highlights.

Given the rapid success of the program at the University of Nottingham, we realized that we needed to make this model both readily available and easily customizable to help other institutions facing similar difficulties in successfully connecting prospects to current students and alumni through a sustainable, easily accessible channel.

Key results desktop vector

Key Results

Key results mobile vector 1


The average score of overall satisfaction of those who participated in the programme

Key results mobile vector 2


Mentees shared they felt they belonged and felt extremely at home at the University Of Nottingham

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Participants reported that the Students’ Union had a positive impact on their University experience

Moving beyond the Global Buddy program, we’ve innovated to ensure UNIVISER solves a simple problem most university stakeholders face - not having an officially recognized platform as part of the university’s technology suite so key stakeholders can comfortably connect and exchange a verified “hello”. Keeping in mind the importance of your brand for a unified message, our trademark white label solution facilitates a custom rebranding of the entire platform to take on your existing university brand, ensuring a seamlessly cohesive user experience.

This is the humble beginning of our proprietary UNIVISER platform.

Ismail Sadurdeen

1 Fox, S. (n.d.). Global Buddies Feedback Report – November 2017 (1st ed., Vol. 1, Ser. 1, pp. 1-19, Issue brief). University of Nottingham.