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A Peer to Peer platform which allows prospective students / parents to chat with a current uni student (ambassador/volunteer) before applying!

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A Peer to Peer platform which allows prospective students / parents to chat with a current uni student (ambassador/volunteer) before applying!

How it works step 1 vector

Step 1

Portal created using the University’s own brand

How it works step 2 vector

Step 2

Student ambassadors/volunteers sign up on the portal

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Step 3

Prospects explore and connect with suitable student ambassadors/volunteers

How it works step 4 vector

Step 4

University generates leads and gains access to high quality pre-applicant data

The UNIVISER platform can be easily embedded on your site or used as a standalone platform

Lead Funneling Vector

Lead Funneling

Easily export lead data via CSV/PDF to upload to any CRM

Return On Investment Vector

Return On Investment

Increase conversion rates as prospects begin to gain knowledge about the university through multiple streams in advance.

Reduce drop out rates as prospective students gain a heads up about university life & make friends before enrollment.

Social Vector


Share and shout out on social media, to generate word of mouth, engagement, and buzz

Analytics Vector


Collect and analyze high quality pre-applicant data
e.g. geography, demographics, interest levels and other KPIs

Cloud Vector


Securely hosted on Amazon Web Services
Zero hardware cost

Stand Out Vector

Stand Out

A real-time personalised solution to stand out from the competition

Trust Vector


Ability to build trust with your future customers (leads)

Trust Vector

Community Engagement

Build an online community of champions to talk positively about your institution

Assurance Vector


Enable current students to engage and alleviate anxietities that prospects may have when weighing their university options

Insider Scoop Vector

Insider Scoop

Personalised responses for questions about university life and application tips which they otherwise would not have access to

Opportunities Vector


Go beyond the brochures and learn more about extracurricular opportunies from the current students

Network Vector


Ability to make meaningful connections from around the world

Recognition Vector


Be recognised and rewarded by the university for their service

Online Vector


Conveniently takes place entirely online via a secure mobile friendly platform

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